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Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing
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Fuerteventura Surfing

Caleta De Fuste Watersports Crystal clear warm waters, together with a perfect climate and beautiful beaches, make Fuerteventura the ideal water sporting venue.
Thousands of water sports enthusiasts descend on the Island each year to sample some of the perfect conditions

Windsurfing is the main sport on the Island and it's available for anyone to try. Many places around the world claim to be world-famous or world-class Windsurfing Destinations, however Fuerteventura is truly one of the World's elite windsurf locations with World Championship events being held here annually at Sotavento in the south of the island. Windsurfing is the most popular Sport on the island and there is a large community of resident Windsurfers and Surfers. Thousands of windsurfing enthusiasts come to Fuerteventura each year to take advantage of the warm clear waters and strong Atlantic Trade Winds of the Summer months that provide the best Conditions for Slalom and Speed while the Winter months provide the best waves. Fuerteventura offers conditions ranging from the notorious, expert-only Shooting Gallery near Corralejo to gentle areas such as Costa Calma that are perfect for the beginner. Tuition at every level from Beginner to Advanced, as well as equipment hire is available from the many Windsurf Schools located at Flag Beach (south of Corralejo), Sotavento near Costa Calma and at the Main Resorts.

Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing or Fly Surfing – whatever you choose to call it is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. As with Windsurfing, the most important factor in a good Kiteboarding location is the wind and Fuerteventura provides this in plentiful quantities with international competitions regularly held here. The consistent North-easterly Tradewinds of the summer months provide the best Kiteboarding conditions when they combine with local thermals to produce winds of up to 8 or 9 Bft. Winter provides more waves, but wind conditions are less reliable. The many surf centres on the island provide courses for every level from the absolute beginner upwards, with the Island providing a variety of conditions from beginner-friendly shallow lagoons to expert-only open water with strong offshore winds. Also popular is beach windsurfing on Playa De Sotavento Beach.

Main Kiteboarding Locations

Sotavento – This is where the World Cup events are held, the strong offshore wind make the area outside the lagoon an experts-only zone. The area inside the sand bar is perfect for beginners.

El Cortillo – Gusty conditions with large waves and dangerous currents make this another experts-only zone.

Scuba diving & snorkeling. Fuerteventura is a diver’s paradise with its crystal clear waters and consistent temperatures. The water temperatures range between 18°C and 23°C and excellent visibility of up to 50 meters, making the perfect conditions for all kinds of marine life. The island is a very popular place for Scuba Diving with a multitude of PADI Diving centres that offer courses at every level as well as Guides and equipment hire. Species such as Barracuda, Moray Eels, Octopus, Grouper, Angelshark and Parrot Fish are common and can be encountered at most popular dive sites. Salinas del Carmen to the east has a clifflined coast, with some magical underwater scenery here. Renowned Dive Centre - Abyss Divers list their five top dive sites on Fuerteventura as El Jablito, Oasis, Anchor Reef, Miguel's Rock and Las Salinas. The Deep Blue Diving Centre in Caleta de Fuste has won a few awards as well. The dive sites are mostly around Caleta de Fuste, and include the Castillo Riff and the Salinas Riff. Abyss Divers lay on 4 wheel drives to remote dives sites and offer a choice of diving courses to suit all groups, experienced or beginners. A day spent taking part on a taster course makes for a very exciting day out.

Dive Sites

Isla de Lobos
The Dive Sites around this small island are famous for their Volcanic Cornices and excellent visibility. Shoals of friendly Guelly Jacks, Two-banded Bream and Barracuda abound as well as the possibility to see Eagle and Spotted Rays and even the occasional Hammerhead Shark. The island and its waters have been a nature reserve since 1982.

Caleta de Fuste
The waters around this resort offer many Dive Spots consisting of mixed Sand and Rock floor. The local fish are well-accustomed to Divers and large Groupers of up to 1.5 meters can be hand fed. Other possibilities in this area are Dolphins, Turtles, Pilot Whales and even Whale Sharks.

There are several Dive Sites around Jandia as this area has been used by Scuba Divers for quite some time. Colonies of Garden Eels, Groups of Striped Bream and Moray Eels are just some of the species that can be encountered here amongst the Volcanic Cornices, Sand and the strange Sandstone Wall.

Fuerteventura Surfing.
Fuerteventura is a very popular Surf Destination with waves suitable for all levels of expertise. Water temperatures are warm enough all year round, so a Summer Wetsuit should be fine although some people surf in just their shorts. Autumn and winter provide the best and most consistent conditions for surfing with the arrival of the Atlantic Swells, although good surfing can be had all year round. Most of the best breaks are located along the north track. Some of these Waves can be dangerous such as the aptly named 'Suicides' and plenty of local Surfers carry scars from their experiences. Other Surf-spots of note on the Island are Caleta de fuste and Playa de la Pared. The multitude of Surf Bars in Corralejo and El Cotillo are a good place to seek advice from some of the more experienced surfers. Corky's Bar in Corralejo post a Surf Report every morning with wind conditions and advice on the best places to surf on any given day. Since many of these locations are only accessible by dirt-track, hiring a 4x4 is recommended. If you cannot hire a 4x4, most of the Surf Schools offer Surf Safaris that bring you to the best locations and can offer equipment hire if needed. These Surf Schools can cater to your needs whether you are new to Surfing or are looking to improve your skill.

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