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Oasis Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens Fuerteventura
Albakora Cat Fuerteventura Sport Fishing
Blue Delfin Fuerteventura to Lanzarote Shopping Excursion
Ocean Catamaran
Fuerteventura Lobos Trip
Lanzarote Southern
Island Tour
Fuerteventura Adventure. Whale Watching, Catamaran & Submarine
Natural Park of Corralejo
Baku Water Park

Oasis park zoo and botanical gardens fuerteventura. Travel south to La Lajita and you will reach Oasis Park. A great day out for everyone. Take a stroll through the zoo and botanical gardens and travel through the African savannah on a safari truck and join the 30 minute camel trek. Sit back and enjoy the professional shows, including parrots, sea lions, birds of prey crocodile and snakes! The Zoo features over 200 species including Alligators, Monkeys, Giraffes, Zebras and Birds. The 200,000 Square meters of Botanical Gardens, which feature many Endemic Species and Cacti is one of the biggest and most important gardens of its type in Europe. This can all be enjoyed from the back of a Camel on the Camel Safari.

Albakora Cat Fuerteventura Sport Fishing Due to their geographical Situation the Canary Islands are one of the best spots worldwide for Sea Angling. The basis for the great fish swarms are the clean waters and constant temperatures around Fuerteventura. Shoals of little tuna, pilchards and octopus are the food basis for predatory fish. This why you have best chances to catch sword fish, gilthead, halibut, parrot fish, tuna and many more throughout the whole year. White Marlin and Blue Marlin are the biggest challenge and the most exciting highlight for every sports fisher. Especially during the months of May to October this athletic fighter is a guarantee for an amazing day out. These trips are available from the harbour area at Caleta de Fuste.

Blue Delfin Fuerteventura to Lanzarote Shopping Excursion Cruising from Corralejo to the Old Town Harbor of Puerto Del Carmen taking in the splendid coastal views & searching for dolphins, whales & flying fish. Arriving in Lanzarote, you have plenty of time to explore the Old town areas to shop or spend time at the beach of Playa Chica. The more adventurous can try parascending or have a go on the jet-skis. There are also many bars and fish restaurants should you feel like a tasty snack. You embark at 14.15 to set sail for the Island of Lobos & the friendly crew will be serving lunch & drinks aboard on the way! At Lobos you will be able to go below deck to view the fish & marine life from the submarine viewing gallery. You then take a short cruise back to the Port of Corralejo to arrive for around 16.00pm.

Ocean Catamaran Fuerteventura Lobos trip The Tahiti Ocean Cat sets sail from the harbor in Corralejo taking in all the sights of the famous sand dunes. Heading towards the virgin island of Los Lobos you will drop anchor in the shallow waters just off the beautiful lagoons. This is where you can take part in all the fantastic water activities such as Banana boat, Kayaks, Snorkeling, Speed boat & Body boards. If you just want to relax and soak up the sunshine sit back on the luxurious trampoline netting & catch some rays. To make the day even more memorable you may even get the opportunity to see the whales and Dolphins that are common around the islands. With the crew at your disposal this really is a day to remember. Lunch and drinks are all included in this excursion.

Lanzarote Southern Island Tour takes in stunning villages in the south of Lanzarote. The trip includes a tour of the spectacular Timanfaya National Park, it’s many volcanic cones and remains of ancient lava flows. You pass through the village of Uga, then travel towards the Timanfaya National Park, stopping to enjoy the famous camel ride. This is followed by a visit to the Islet of Hilario where you can experience geothermal demonstrations by guides, then undertake the Volcano Route - unmissible during any visit to Lanzarote. Next stop is Costa de la Lava in the south with its panoramic views of the Janubio salt mines and a visit to Los Hervideros. A meal is included on route.The next stop is a visit to La Geria - an important vine growing region on Lanzarote. Here you can sample some of the wines during a tasting session in a typical wine cellar.

Fuerteventura Adventure. Whale Watching, Catamaran & Submarine. Three different trips can be experienced from Calete De Fuste Harbour. First Whale Watching in a boat equipped with hydrophones to hear the sounds of the whales. The second trip is the Whale Watching catamaran. You anchor at Pozo Negro Bay for snorkeling with fish & turtles in perfect blue water.The Cat sails for 4 hours & includes lunch. Third is the Sub sea Explorer – The submarine has underwater seating & passengers can either sit & observe the marine life below the water line or watch on the deck.This trip gives passengers the unique opportunity to have close interaction with the only non military sea Lions in the world trained to perform in the open sea. All these trips can be taken from the harbour area at Caleta de fuste.

The Natural Park Of Corralejo.The natural and geological diversity of Fuerteventura is best seen in the Dunes Natural Park in the north of the island near Corralejo. The wealth of this landscape that combines the freshness of the crystal seas with the serenity of the sand dunes is a true pleasure for the senses. The sand dunes were designated a Natural Park in 1994 by the Government & have become a popular tourist attraction. Due to the large variety of birds found within the park it has been placed along with the Isle of Lobos, as part of the ‘Special Protected Zone’ for Wild Birds. There are also over a hundred different species of invertebrates such as lizards and geckos as well assortments of well-adapted flora and fauna such as lichens and plants like tree tobacco.

Baku Water Park. Hop aboard the express coach to Corralejo, where you will find the Baku water park. As well as being a Water Park, the Baku Village has Ten Pin Bowling, Crazy Golf, a Driving Range, Restaurants & Shops. While you are in Corralejo you can enjoy the largest island market and explore the resort with it’s huge array of shops, restaurants and enchanting old town and fishing harbour. The Animal Experience is part of the Baku Theme Park and is located beside the Water Park in Corralejo. Highlights include a Shark and Stingray in the Aquarium, Sea lions and the Santa Ana Pirate Galleon – where you can experience being shipwrecked!

These are just a few of the many days out that
are available on the island

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