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The Atlantico Shopping Centre


The Atlantico Shopping Centre

The Atlantico Shopping centre has been open now since 2003. The shopping centre has 12,000 square metres of shopping space, as well as two squares for events. There is a lake, gardens, parking and many other services. The Atlantico has 45 shops and attracts an average of 50,000 visitors every week, the centre offers fashion, sporting goods, jewellery, lingerie gifts, accessories, a large Spar supermarket, the only up-to-date cinema complex on the island, a 6 lane bowling alley as well as restaurants and cafes.

Wifi is being developed for the centre at the moment and you can also get your car washed and take the free bus service that takes you back and fourth to the center of Caleta de fuste. There is also a crèche as well as leisure and cultural workshops.

Recently an ice rink has been opened at the Atlantico Centre. This is the first time on the island that you could enjoy this sport. (The ice rink was opened for 7th – 26th of March 08).

During the week there are a number of organised activities available. You can join the Atlantico Salud ( yoga, breathing and relaxation and Chinese self – massage classes). In the afternoons there is live music (Spanish folk and blues, jazz, flamenco etc) that takes place on the terrace. Every day you can see painting exhibitions and at the weekend there is a painting and activities workshop for the kids.

When You leave through the rear of the Atlantico Centre, you pass the beautiful lake that is surrounded by gardens. This area looks straight through to the new beach that has been created with safety and children in mind. The beach is made up of shallows coves with breakwaters placed out to sea to stop the waves coming in. This intern makes for some stunning bathing areas with beautiful imported white sands. The old castle looks down over Chiringuito’s Bar that is out on one of the 2 piers that go out into the sea.. You can grab a nice cold cocktail here relax or have a game of pool. From here you can see the Horse-shoe beach and the marina area which is about a 10min walk away.

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